my way home – part 2: Ovada-Desenzano del Garda

218km; 500m ascent; drank 8.0 litres

town passed:
Novi Ligure; Tortona; Voghera; Stradella; Piacenza; Cremona; Castiglione delle Stiviere

This second day on my way home was – as expected – a bit dull. It took me through the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, and even Emilia-Romagna for a little while.

As it was basically completely flat (mainly on Strada Statale Padane Inferiore), I was able to move forward quickly, and simply focused on pedalling – and eating:



500gr of real tasty Tiramisu kept me going almost all afternoon

As so often, the reward for another day with over 200km on the bike came at the end: my arrival at the southern end of Lago di Garda. So I’m back at the Alps now, and the scenery of the remaining trip is going to be very exciting. Looking forward to it!


Oh, and for everyone living on the rainy north side of the Alps: I had a beautifully sunny, warm day again ☀️ Just thought I’d let you know.

accurate route details (incl. GPS track):
Vienna-Nice Transalp – ride home part 2 (Ovada-Desenzano)
Start date/time: Mon, 1 Sep 2014 9:08, distance (km): 217.97, elevation (ascent in m): 262

all photos of the day:

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