change of plan – I’m going to cycle back home!

I had a plan A, B, C, maybe even D about how to travel back home to Bavaria from Nice. But sometimes things change and plans don’t work anymore. And things have changed: or who would have thought that I arrive in Nice already 5 days earlier than I initially planned to?!? I personally certainly did not. Never ever!!

So an idea has grown over the past days, and it seems that I’m going to transform it into reality: I’ve got a week of holiday left now. Theoretically enough time for cycling back home to Rosenheim – on a more or less direct route, i.e. not across every single mountain I can find along the way.

So I’ll enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the French metropolitan area of Nice for a day. I continue looking at the Mediterranean Sea as I did this afternoon and evening already and think how big this world actually is.


And the day after, I’ll start the project of “returning home”. It kind of feels the right thing for making this trip complete. You’ll probably call me crazy – but I’ll have enough time to holiday at the sea when I’m old. 😉

My plan is to cycle along Côte d’Azur/French Riviera eastwards towards Genova. Then cross over to the valley of the river ‘Po’. Further along the western shore of Lago di Garda and across to Trento into the valley of the river ‘Adige’. Along there to Bolzano. And then I’ll decide spontaneously whether I’ll take the easier route along the ‘Eisack’ river to Vipiteno/Sterzing, or whether I’ll settle old scores with Passo di Pennes/Penser Joch (which once beat me and made me turn around before I reached the top) and therefore cycle through Sarentino/Sarntal. From Sterzing it’s a well-known route across Brennero, through Innsbruck and along Inn river (remember day 8 on my trip when I crossed the Inn river in Switzerland?) to Rosenheim.

my planned route back home (and from Vienna to Nice); ignore the lines into the sea near Genova, I’m not going to head towards Corsica

That’s the plan. And as you know, plans might change. So if the weather, or my knee, or my motivation, or anything else becomes too bad, I might just spend a couple of days doing nothing somewhere between Nice and Rosenheim and then just take the train back home.

Approx. 850km and 8,000-10,000m ascent to go (this is the optimised route, not one that particularly tries to include many hills – but there simply are a few hills between here and there anyway)!

1 thought on “change of plan – I’m going to cycle back home!

  1. Brian

    Superman aka Martin!
    What a fantastic effort. I have only just caught up with your posts and off you go again! I admire the way you shake off the gremlins on the ride. Determination and dedication to the cause. I wish I was in nice to join you on the trip back….but then I would hold you up. So safe journeys ahead. The smiles of Nice will no doubt realign your continued effort. Bon courage! B



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