Day 3 (17/08/2014): Obertraun-Zell am See (185km/1,750m ascent/3 passes/drank 7.0 litres)

passes climbed:
Schwarzbachwachtsattel (868m); Steinpass (651m); Kniepass (560m)

towns passed:
Hallstatt; Bad Goisern; Bad Ischl; St. Gilgen; Fuschl am See; Salzburg; Berchtesgaden; Lofer; Saalfelden; Zell am See

A friend from the ‘Salzkammergut’ region called this day’s section of my route the highlight of my tour. I’m pretty certain there’ll be a lot more highlights, especially when I’m reaching the real high mountain passes – however, she didn’t promise too much: the scenery was very pretty, in particular around ‘Hallstätter See’ and ‘Wolfgangsee’. It certainly helped that this Sunday lived up to its name: it was a perfect day for cycling. Sunny, clear sky, not too hot; nothing else one could wish for.
What I didn’t quite understand is why there where so many Chinese in Hallstatt (VERY many) – now that they copied the town and rebuilt it somewhere in China?! Guess the original version including the real Alps surrounding it make it still one-of-a-kind?!

‘Hallstätter See’ with the pre-historic town of Hallstatt

In Bad Goisern, I was stuck in a ‘traffic jam’ for almost 10 minutes – due to a blocked road because of an Oldtimer meeting. Wonderful cars of all kinds. It was worth the wait. In general my tour becomes more and more a car show too: Oldtimers, Youngtimers, modern sports cars – I get to see more than a car fan like me could have ever wished for. And if – like in Bad Goisern – I somehow, accidentally, happen to end up inside the closed barriers section of the course where the cars would leave the town later that day, it almost provides a little bit of a Tour de France feeling right before the finish line. With the difference that it’s still a long way until my day would come to an end.

city of Salzburg

The city of Salzburg was pretty as always, but no big break for me there. Probably because Bavaria was calling 😉
Obviously my tour through the Alps had to lead me through Bavaria too! But it was a short intermezzo: maybe 2.5 hours including a “cake break” – and the most ridiculous “pass road” I’ve ever seen:

if only all my passes had 50 metres ascent only and were located in the centre of a village… (then my tour would be a lot easier but a lot less worth the effort)

However, I’ll wish for such passes the latest when I’ll be climbing the big ones very soon (Großglockner high alpine road, e.g., the next day already – Austria’s highest mountain has been on the horizon for quite a while).

search for an accommodation in ‘Zell am See’

Finally, status of my legs: quite tired. More than I thought and would have wished for. However, now that I’m a day ahead of ‘schedule’, I plan to take a rest day either the day after the difficult Großglockner climb, or the day after.

1,636km/36,200m ascent/29 passes to go!

accurate route details (incl. GPS track):
Vienna-Nice Transalp – day 3 (Obertraun-Zell am See)
Start date/time: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 9:11, distance (km): 183.49, elevation (ascent in m): 1,379

all photos of the day:

1 thought on “Day 3 (17/08/2014): Obertraun-Zell am See (185km/1,750m ascent/3 passes/drank 7.0 litres)

  1. Michaela

    Lieber Martin,
    ich wünsche Dir viel Durchhaltevermögen und Spaß. Du weißt: aus meiner Warte sieht Urlaub anders aus :-). Liebe Grüße Michaela



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