Day 2 (16/08/2014): Mariazell-Obertraun (173km/1,690m ascent/3 passes/drank 5.0 litres)

passes climbed:
Halspass (830m); Radstatthöhenstraße (637m); Koppenpass (690m)

towns passed:
Wildalpen; Admont; Liezen; Bad Aussee; Obertraun

Rain is getting stronger, the mountains higher, and cycling not easier – despite a “relatively” moderate day leg. And as it was so moderate, combined with a tricky accommodation situation due to the ‘Maria Ascension’ holiday weekend, I prolonged the planned distance by almost 60km. So after having cycled through the ‘Gesäuse’ national park (the only place where it didn’t continuously rain), I have arrived in the ‘Salzkammergut and Dachstein region’. If the first mountains of the Alps in the ‘Wienerwald’ on day one might still have been less dramatic, I’m now surrounded by the highest mountains of Austria already.


Gesäuse national park along Enns river

In any way: nothing can go wrong anymore with me getting to France 😉 When I left Mariazell this morning, a French couple asked me where they can find a bakery. Fluently I responded: l’église – là – dans le centre – boucherie – uhmmm boulangerie – peut-être – d’accord?!
So, Nice, here I come!! (And maybe I should use all the time on the bike for refreshing my French language skills…)

Taken especially for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest

1,814km/38,000m ascent/32 passes to go!

accurate route details (incl. GPS track):
Vienna-Nice Transalp – day 2 (Mariazell-Obertraun)
Start date/time: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 8:35, distance (km): 171.66, elevation (ascent in m): 1,106

all photos of the day:

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